This wiki section includes some of the sub-elements of ISO/TS 16949:2009 Element 7

7.1 Planning of Product Realization

7.1.2 Acceptance Criteria

7.1.4 Change Control

7.2.1 Determination of Requirements Related to the Product Customer-Designated Special Characteristics

7.2.2 Review of Requirements Related to the Product

7.3 Design and Development

7.3.1 Design and Development Planning Multidisciplinary Approach

7.3.2 Design and Development Inputs Product Design Input Manufacturing Process Design Input Special Characteristics

7.3.3 Design and Development Outputs Product Design Outputs - Supplemental Manufacturing Process Design Output

7.3.4 Design and Development Review Monitoring

7.3.5 Design and Development Verification

7.3.6 Design and Development Validation Product Approval Process

7.3.7 Control of Design and Development Changes

7.4 Purchasing

7.4.1 Purchasing Process Supplier Quality Management System Development Customer-Approved Resources

7.4.3 Verification of Purchased Product Incoming Product Quality

7.5.1 Control of Production and Service Provision Control Plan Work Instructions Verification of Job Set-ups Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Management of Production Tooling Feedback of Information From Service

7.5.2 Validation of Processes for Production and Service Provision Validation of Processes for Production and Service Provision- Supplemental

7.5.3 Identification and Traceability

7.5.4 Customer Property

7.6 Control of Monitoring and Measuring Devices

7.6.1 Measurement System Analysis Internal Laboratory